Luna Nguyen is an international contemporary artist, art teacher, cooking instructor, book writer and the founder of Art, Craft and Fashion Luna Nguyen JSC Vietnam. She has worked in six countries over the last 10 years. She is fluent in English, Vietnamese, conversationally adept in Spanish and Dutch. With a background in the business and aviation industry in the Middle East, Luna has a good understanding of different cultures, languages, societies and builds a network of artists through Art exhibitions and events respecting these differences.

Her artwork is specialised in fabric painting including natural silk, cotton, linen and synthetics for instance polyester, acrylic, spandex and more. The final touch of  mesmerising embroidery is sometimes added. Luna has also studied and mastered the traditional Vietnamese embroidery techniques and conducting classes in order to preserve her homeland craft village identity as well as bringing the handmade products of Vietnam to global buyers. One of her most recent study projects of Fabric Paintings discovers many ways of painting on fabrics using different mediums and techniques that helped her students improve their work while creating this art form. 

Luna loves what she does and believes through the way of Art, she can contribute much more to our world by sharing her knowledge and skills to people whether it is painting, cooking, or writing. Some of her clients are Chanel, Business Gulf Training Center, Skilldeer, Udemy, Skillshare, Sharjah University of Art, Bradenton Preparatory Academy in Dubai, Ateliers Westerdok Art Center Amsterdam, Florence Academy of Art Sweden and many other Art schools and centers in Asia, The Middle East and Europe. Luna lives and travels between Vietnam and The Netherlands where she offers Art and Cooking Classes.